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Recycling 101

Our team practices the Department of Sanitation's (DSNY) guidelines on recycling by separating waste into two groups. Visit the DSNY website to learn more about what can be recycled.

Metal, Plastic and Glass

Metal items include aluminum, wire hangers, soda and food cans, aerosol cans and pots 

Plastic items include milk jugs, detergent bottles, hangers, yogurt cups, plastic cups, water and juice bottles, take out containers, food cartons

Glass items include bottles and jars

Recycling tips:

  • Rinse all containers, cans and bottles

  • Contaminated items are not accepted

  • Separate metal and plastic caps from containers

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Paper based materials such as newspapers, paper bags, shredded paper, envelopes, magazines, gift wrapping paper, pizza boxes, egg cartons, cereal boxes, paper towel and toilet paper rolls all go in the green bags provided to you by our team.

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