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As part of the launch of a new recycling pilot at Wagner Houses, an event called “NYCHA Recycling: For the City, For the Planet, For the People” was held at the development to discuss the future of recycling and sustainability at NYCHA and throughout New York City, featuring NYCHA staff, residents, and members of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board.

Uplift & Upcycle Fashion Project

The "Uplift and Upcycle Fashion Project"  serves a dual purpose. It introduces young adults to the art of fashion with the intention of building their confidence and self esteem. It also demonstrates approachable ways to reuse and recycle clothing that appeals to todays fashion trends.

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 Co-Lab Challenge

In 2017, the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Sanitation of New York (DSNY), and NYCHA launched the NYCx Co-Lab Challenge: Zero Waste in Shared Space to seek solutions that would improve recycling capture rates at NYCHA, increase resident engagement, mitigate litter, reduce the amount of time that NYCHA employees spend dealing with waste and involve the community in a meaningful way.

ICGT in the news

The Bronx Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums

February 16, 2024

Host Kibin Alleyne sits down with the Founder of the Inner City Green Team, Brigitte Charlton-Vicenty talks about how the initiative helps protect the environment, create green jobs, and improve civic engagement.

A Plus: Spreading the Message of Positive Journalism

August 22, 2022

NYC Non-profit Increases Recycling, Creates Jobs in Under served Communities


November 15, 2021

How US recycling programs make it work from coast to coast


January 7, 2020

Wasted Potential: Recycling progress eludes City officials

PIX 11 News: One Woman Army Collects Recyclables at NYCHA development

December 15, 2019

One woman's quest to make Door-to-Door recycling a house hold name

PIX 11 News: ICGT Brings Recycling to NYCHA

August 24, 2022

Providing a unique recycling collection service for residents living at the Wagner Houses in East Harlem, NY

BronxNet: Bronx Social Justice Forum

August 4, 2022

Host Daren Jaime talks about how the organizaiton is working to create an effective, sustainable, and replicable recycling infrastructure


July 08, 2021

Greg Russ, and the new Chair of NYCHA saw the promise of ICGT's vision to improve recycling, create green jobs, and increase civic engagement. 

News12: Bronx & Brooklyn

December 20, 2019

Bronx woman going building to building hoping to make the world a greener place

BKReader: Brownsville Goes Green with First Door-to-Door Recycling Initiative

August 3, 2018

The grassroots recycling initiative has been gaining traction as more Brownsville residents are getting on board.

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